Outdoor furniture is an important part of our Australian lifestyle. It enhances the home and delivers comfort, style and a modern look to any outdoor area. And, when buying any kind of furniture, quality counts!

Most products these days are mass-produced overseas and sent here from all over the world in shipping-container lots. Then sold for cheap prices – often made to suit a price point.
A low price is no bargain if the outdoor furniture slings begin to fall apart or show wear and tear and fade quickly – we want them to survive our typical Australian weather! But, these products are often not designed to last in the Australian climate. At best, a lot of these outdoor furniture ranges will last just a few seasons. The typical thing is to throw them out (adding to the world’s waste issues). Retailers encourage starting all over again, buying a new setting. Usually from the same place!

Well, hang on! The frames will generally still be in good or reasonable condition; it’s just the mesh sling that has weakened and split.
If high quality furniture has been bought, what a shame to waste all that money, when it’s only the sling that has deteriorated.

Instead of throwing them out,  replace the worn sling with new UV treated replacement furniture slings designed to withstand our tougher weather conditions. Get longer life out of your furniture, at a fraction of the cost of buying new! (And do your bit for the environment!)
Choose from many different, modern colours with confidence that the materials are made to withstand the Australian environment. We use a yarn that is guaranteed not to deteriorate due to uv or chemical exposure (often-times, the first thing to go on factory-made furniture is the cheap yarn or thread that has been used).
Replacement furniture slings are available for Wood framed chairs as well as metal-frames outdoor furniture
Why buy new, when you can recover?