Regarding COVID 19

COVID-19 is obviously a very big issue within the community currently and things are constantly changing and evolving.
I want to re-assure you the way the Aussie Repairman does business.
It is a home business that does not have a storefront dealing direct or face-to-face with customers.
All business is done via email or phone, and deliveries via Australia Post.
All work is done on the home property, in the shed.
There are no employees. There is a workforce of 1.
Supply lines are solid and working at this stage, and I have stocks on hand to continue for some months if needed.
If Australia Post continues to operate, I can continue to offer service as normal.
We wish you and all your families the very best during this incredibly difficult time. Look after each other and stay safe.

Keeping measurements

A shout-out to all customers: I keep the measurements of the slings we do. So if that evil nephew with a pocket knife causes damage, or the smelly uncle that needs to go out for a quick puff and drops his cigarette ash on the chair, or the Great Dane takes a (dis)liking to the smell on the chair, we’ve got you covered for a quick replacement.

The Aussie Repairman

The Aussie Repairman has a long experience with outdoor furniture in Australia. Bob Caldwell has owned and operated businesses on the Gold Coast that have had close relationships with the resort and apartment industries, mainly involved in manufacture, resale and/or repair of outdoor furniture.
Pride Casual Furniture, Coastal Casual Furniture, The Repairman were businesses held through start-up or acquisition.

A wide and varied experience was gained in that time, with customers in every Australian state, as well as exports to several countries around the world.
Now based in Adelaide, Bob continues to supply slings to customers all around Australia.

New Website!!

Welcome to Furniture Slings Australia – a website supporting the business of The Aussie Repairman.
We are here to help you refurbish your outdoor furniture by supplying replacement slings. We have a strong focus on accuracy and quality. We take pride in offering a quick response to your order.
Slings are available for your metal-framed chairs and sunlounges, using a uv resistant mesh, or acrylic canvas slings for your wooden directors chairs and deck chairs.
Why buy new, when you can recover!